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Randy’s Wisdom

Dr. Randy Pausch

Dr. Randy Pausch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have ever read The Last Lecture  by Randy Pausch?  When the book came out in 2008, Randy Pausch was dying of cancer.   Instead of surrendering to his impending mortality, Randy – a renowned Computer Science Professor, started writing his last lecture.  According to the book, alot of “professors are asked to consider their demise and to ruminate on what matters most to them.”    They typically lectured as if it was to be their last chance to share.   Randy, chose instead to use what really was his last lecture to share what he learned in his childhood.   Randy’s heartwarming story was shared in the media via talk shows, news programs, print and Utube.  I enjoyed his lecture on Utube.  On one of my trips I picked up his book  at the airport.  Like many of the books on my book shelf – it sat unread – until recently.   An acquaintance mentioned being expired by Randy’s story.  A couple of days later – on one of my sleepless nights, I decided to read.  I reached blindly into my book shelf and to my amazement – the book I pulled out was The Last Lecture.   I took that as a sign – I read the book.

Having been an Adult Educator, I enjoyed the imaginative way he dealt with students.  I was in awe of how he made the dreams of others and himself come to fruition.   By far, though the best part of the book (even if it’s all you read) is Section V – It’s About How to Live Your Life.  In this Section, he shares the impressive wisdom gleaned from his upbringing. I have shared the sections headings that reflect some of my favorites.  For the complete list, check the quotes page for Randy’s List.
Here are the webpages for more info on the book, and the video of his lecture.  http://www.cmu.edu/randyslectures

FYI – some of these will only make sense if you read about them in the book or watch the lecture.)

Dream Big
Earnest is Better than Hip
Let’s Make a Deal
Don’t Complain Just Work Harder
Treat the Disease, Not the Symptom
Don’t Obsess Over What People Think
Start by Sitting Together
Look for the Best in Everybody
Watch What They Do, Not What They Say
If at First You Don’t Succeed
Show Gratitude
Send out the Thin Mints
A Bad Apology Is Worse Than No Apology
Tell the Truth
Get in Touch with Your Crayon Box
No job is Beneath You
Know Where you Are
Never Give Up

Have you read The Last Lecture?
Which of these inspire the most?


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