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Energy and Emotion

Part 1 – Energy

Energy: a word I’ve heard many times throughout my wellness journey.  Energy comes in many forms; there is energy that is within us, energy that is around us, personal energy, good energy or bad energy.  Merriam Webster defines energy as “a usually positive spiritual force.”  
Energy doesn’t come easily to those of us who suffer with chronic pain, fatigue and a variety of other symptoms.   We need to harvest every ounce of energy possible and use it carefully.  This takes time, patience and awareness.    Here are some tips to help you gain an understanding own of how you could determine ways to maximize your energy.

  • Determine how your body clock works. 
    • What time of day are you most alert and focused?
    • What time of day are you the most tired are and less focused?
    • Are you a “day person” or a “night person?”
  • Schedule tasks, appointment and etc.  for the time of day when you are most alert.
    • If you have important paper work or appointments to handle, scheduling them for a time when you are at your best is a good time saving.   Being tired and unable to focus can make an otherwise easy task seem difficult.
    • If driving is affected by your “body clock,”   take that into consideration when scheduling appointments.  Your safety & the safety of others could be at risk, if you are unable to give full attention to your driving. Get plenty of rest.
    • If possible, go to bed at the same time every night. 
    • If you have problems sleeping, be sure to allow some time in the morning to get some extra sleep
  • Be flexible when planning your daily activities.  
    • Make friends and loved know that you love to spend time with them, but you may need to reschedule if you are not feeling well.
    • If you are invited to something that is scheduled at a time that doesn’t work well with your body clock – plan ahead by resting or napping before the event.
    • Do not schedule too many activities in a day.  Doing too much may cause a setback that could affect you for a couple of days.



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