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Ten Facts About Group Coaching

paperdollsOne way that someone can reap the benefits of a  Life Coach is in a group setting.  

I have listed ten facts about group coaching to help you decide if it’s right for you.

1. Member Focused:  the agenda of each session is decided by the members of the group based on their interests and needs.

2 Member Driven:  the coach serves in a facilitator role – monitoring the workings of the group such as: equal sharing among attendees,  following a prescribed format and time keeping.

3. No formal content is presented to the group members:  the coach will not present information during the group session unless it is explicitly requested b the members.

4. The  atmosphere is favorable for sharing. Members are encouraged to:  

5. Members may be pre-screened to fit the following characteristics:

  • the attendees share  similar interests & goals.
  • members are ready and willing to shared pertinent  knowledge and experiences with the other group members.
  • member is good at listening to what others have to share.
  • Attendees are ready to work towards  individual and group goals.

 6.  There are personal advantages to being part of a coaching group.

  • helps pave the way towards self transformation.
  • group input can help to clarify an indivual’s issues and concerns.
  • All members can learn more about t  themselves by listening to others.

7.     Financial Advantages

  • group coaching costs are  lower in price than individual coaching
  • many groups are conducted by teleconference therefore saving on the cost of travel

8.   Group members must agree to the following:

  • Take personal responsibility for:
    • acceptable attendance.
    • group participation.
    • their communication/interactions with other members.
  • Maintain accountability by
    • following through with work on individual goals.
    • completing group assignments.
  • A willingness to contribute to discussions
  • A genuine interest in attaining personal goals.
  • A readiness to look deep inside themselves.
  • The ability  to listen and contribute without judging.
  • Commitment to  maintaining confidentiality.
  • Eager to share insights and experiences with others.

9.    Groups are small in size with no more than 8 people.

10.  Groups may be held face to face or by teleconference.

New groups forming now!  To learn more about the groups offered by A Balancing Act – Click here

To sign up, please send an email to Lori.abalancingact@gmail.com

“We confirm our reality by sharing.” – Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

See more quotes on sharing.


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