Overcome Obstacles – Achieve Goals

Being part of a support group or a coaching group requires the sharing of thoughts with each other.  Here are some quotes about sharing.  

equality hands

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”    Margaret Fuller

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.  Erma Bombeck

“You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.”  Albert Camus

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”  Dalai Lama XIV

“Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge.”  Ana Monnar

“Learning, without any opportunities to share what we’ve learned, is a little like cooking for ourselves; we do it, but we probably won’t do it as well.” Mike Schmoker

“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow. ”  Swedish Proverb 

“An unshared life is not living. He who shares does not lessen, but greatens, his life.”  Stephen S. Wise

“We confirm our reality by sharing.”     Barbara Grizzuti Harrison


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